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Have you left Twitter for Threads yet? ;-) I played for a couple of hours on launch day.

Instagram has over 2bn monthly active users, which explains why Threads has exceeded 70m sign-ups in less than 48 hours.

Very smart move letting you port your existing audience over. The worst thing about joining a new social network is starting from scratch with zero followers.

Initial thoughts — it’s fast, clean, light, good UI. I like the simplicity — no fancy features yet, fun for now. Good vibes — it feels like Twitter c2008. It is the first-week flurry and novelty factor, but people seem to be enjoying it.

Threads collect the same data as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. From Znet: “Threads collects users’ physical addresses, health and fitness data, and sensitive info like biometric and ethnic data. Twitter does not collect these types of data.”

It’s unavailable in the EU for now — privacy nightmare, but people are finding ways around it — a tip here from Jens Joseph Mannanal, co-founder of Passionfroot.

Future versions will integrate with ActivityPub, a decentralised social networking protocol, so you could potentially take your content elsewhere. The friendly fediverse as it’s called — interoperability is where the industry is heading.

Early days, but I think it’s worth your time, especially if you used to enjoy Instagram.

All this talk about strategies to win on Threads already. Ugh. Chill, keep it light, and reconnect with long-lost friends! Mine will be tiny threads as I hate typing on my phone. There’s no desktop version yet.

LinkedIn is still my main social platform, and I’m trying something new over there — themed weeks focusing on specific topics. So, this week it’s ‘newsletters’, and how to market yourself off-socials. Timely!

Meta has chosen a name that the Germans can’t pronounce very easily, which seems bizarre in their quest for world domination. Expect to see even more puns on the platform. Stitch is a serious contender.

At least it’s not Threadz… 🙀

Listen to a special episode of the Hard Fork podcast with the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, on why the company now wants to take on Twitter.

Interview: Johanna Renoth, founder of Bye, Social Media!

Interview: Johanna Renoth, founder of Bye, Social Media!
“Say Bye to Elon and Mark!”

Johanna Renoth is the founder of Bye, Social Media!, an agency for marketing without social media. She helps small businesses, creators, and solopreneurs thrive away from the algorithms.

In this interview, she shares her insights into moving her marketing off all social media, how her PhD on social media inspired her to make the move, and what she’s learnt in the past year of pursuing this avenue.

Food for thought here — enjoying what you do with your marketing is so important.

Read Johanna’s story

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