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Crafting your big-hearted brand story

First week back, and I’m struggling to open the laptop β€” just not feeling it. I want to be outside, offline, and hang out with Julieta β€” take her mind off next week’s exam results!

Took the day off yesterday to go to Brighton. I’ve lost track of how many independent shops there are in the Lanes β€” just start walking and soak it all up.

As Pandora Sykes said, β€œNothing beats the physical hunt when you’re in a market β€” you can smell the vintage and all the tales it has to tell.” 🌈 πŸ’…

Date for your diary. I’ve booked Sudhana Singh to talk about how she built a powerful personal brand for her business and self-published three books.

Boss Branding with Sudhana Singh. NUJ LFB talk on Sept 11

Sudhana, an award-winning author, journalist, and Exec coach, will share her Imbue Story Brand model (ISBM) with the NUJ on Monday, 11 September.

The ISBM helps you grow sizzling SEO by using the art of storytelling with the psychology of marketing to help you:

  1. Choose a clear, strong plot for your brand story
  2. Formulate a short, snappy tagline for your brand and create a brand personality
  3. Craft a marketing message
  4. Build brand loyalty
  5. Cast off cliches with an authentic brand story

Boss Branding: She’s created a Deck to take you through the process step by step.

Get inspired and learn how to improve your personal brand relationships to reach your business goals and stand out in a noisy world.

To be followed by a Q&A on entrepreneurial journalism and the creator economy β€” the highs and lows of flying solo. Send me your questions.

Date: Monday, 11 September
Time: 6.30 pm on Zoom β€” speaker @ 7 pm Register now (it’s free) by emailing

Boss Branding is available on Kindle here.

There’s always something new to learn and a different perspective. As one reader said: β€œA timely book to help all sectors as we rebrand during the Covid crisis.” And now AI… the future is coming at us fast!


Thomas Strider’s ultimate guide to building a powerful personal brand. Loving his thoughtful podcast that focuses on the personal growth journey of creators and entrepreneurs β€” can’t wait for the episode on Human Design.

A piece from Emma Gannon on how she makes six figures on Substack. β€œI’m aware that from reading this long post, it looks like running a Substack is a lot of work. It is. But it’s the best job I’ve had in a long while.” [Substack On]

10 AI tools to help you boost your business operations from Mike Kaput, chief content officer of the Marketing AI Institute [The Tilt]. β€œ The power of these tools is incredible, especially as a solo or small team. You can scale up to a level previously impossible.”

Finding the time to market and repurpose content is a struggle, so let’s see how AI can help.

Keep shipping! Remember: the tortoise always wins the race.

Nika :)

PS I’ve rewritten my welcome email. It’s a bit more personal β€” added some context and explained what I’m trying to do. It’s important as the first piece of communication (no welcome sequence here) and needs to set the tone.

Thanks to Dan O for the inspo. I’d love your feedback on the questions.


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