ChatGPT and the new wave of Content Shock 🌊

Nika Talbot
3 min readJun 28, 2023

Great article this week by Mark Schaefer on ‘How to beat ChatGPT and the new wave of Content Shock’. Thanks to Mark @YATM for sending it on — it is a motivating rallying call for summer 2023. Read it here.

We’re all becoming 80% replaceable with AI.

If you’re a creator just starting out today, the amount of content in the ChatGPT Era must seem like a major hurdle to success. It is. And there is only one solution: Focus on the 20% ChatGPT can’t touch.”

It’s an update on his original article (2014) on why covering the world with content isn’t a long-term sustainable strategy for businesses. “The global warming of content marketing is in view.”

Fast forward a few years, and we’ve had panic publishing with Covid-19 — businesses whacking up website content, over-communicating via email, and digital event overload to try and stay connected.

Gerry McGovern talks about the ‘Invisible Crisis’ of managing and storing all this data. It’s mindblowing that 99% of data has been produced in the last ten years. The Cloud is on the ground, and digital is still physical… yet no one is talking about this.

Now, with the introduction of ChatGPT and AI, the cost of creating content has been reduced to almost nothing. A tsunami of new content is rising. And the quality of the output will only get better and better.

Welcome to the new wave of Content Shock.

Is there hope? Or should we give up now and go off-grid? What can creators do to survive and thrive in the AI Era?

Focus on the 20% that matters, he says. The personal brand.

The only thing that can save us in a world of commoditised content — writing, editing, and consulting.

It all boils down to your premise, as Jay Acunzo describes it. Your why and mission. Justin Welsh’s is to build an army of one-person businesses, and he’s getting there. Inspiring folks every day on LinkedIn.

What problem are you solving for your clients and customers? Worth thinking about in a world of generalised expertise.

Mark is going to share his thoughts on what we can do in a Content Shock and ChatGPT Special in the YATM Club on Tuesday, 11 July, at 7pm BST. A chance to ask questions and go deeper on “the most important article of 2023.” Sign up here.

Lots of free stuff on personal branding on Mark’s site and his bestselling book KNOWN — a path to personal business success in the digital age.

Dave Harland knows the power of humour. His Tweets always make me chuckle — a daily reminder to laugh more and not take life too seriously. Latest creation: #ConfuseTheScammers

The Brand Called You. Tom Peters on what it takes to be CEO of Me Inc (Fast Company, published in 1997!)

How to build an effective (and memorable) personal brand and FAQs (The Portfolio Collective)

Johanna Renoth on bullshit in online content (Bye, Social Media!)

Next issue: An interview with Johanna Renoth on finding the joy in marketing and growing a thriving business with ease — socials optional.

I like the idea of giving yourself a total blackout on content consumption for a week — emails, podcasts, socials. Not sure I have the discipline — love reading, love podcasts. Strap me to a massage table and maybe.

Summer Retreat! Now there’s an idea. See what I come up with when bored out of my brain.

Stay cool. Enjoy Glasto! 👯‍♀️


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